Rebecca Cianfrini

Well people, I've been busy photographing the amazing women in my life, and learning more about them and theirs, portrait by portrait. Though you don't see much talk-face happening, these images are mostly made mid-conversation: chats that range from hilariously casual to deeply personal and revolve around  sentiments we don't often flesh out (frustration, anticipation, etc) because we're busy bantering. 

So here's Rebecca. We met on the island a few years ago and something clicked. We may not see each other often, but I have a deep like and respect for this one.

Rebecca is from Streetsville, Mississauga but spent a good deal of time growing up (and now living + working) in Toronto. She's a graphic designer with a knack for type design.  More and more lately, we see each other schlepping around our west-end neighborhood.  To me, Cianfrini is a woman who knows what she needs, has a chill and perhaps vaguely cynical outlook, and looks fly in a leather jacket.

Thanks for looking, and expect new faces next week!

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