A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting with Matilde Pagnier. Ceramic maker and co-worker and all-around cool woman. I seldom shoot on expired film anymore, but here we have it...

We later shot black and white medium format in the studio,  but you'll have to wait to see those!

I've got a (black and white) gold mine of portraits, maybe you'll get a sneak peek this weekend...


Hello, just a quick update, some nice portraits for you!  Did some work for musician and pal Sasha Chapin! Here he is, gaze averted and not giving many cares on this overcast day we decided was good for a shoot.


califlora and friends pt.iii

Okay, enough already.

Last batch, just as dee-lish as the last two.

First, I just want to sneak in some of these wild vantage points we found in Malibu. Very chill, very sunny. I would often forget either one of my cameras or a bunch of film when we were headed somewhere like this, but Airin was patient and I made do.

And now here we are, back to the place that has my heart, the town of Joshua Tree. I spent a mere three days there, but walking around just a few blocks of the town after the rain, in the smell of creosote, I found some kind of peace, one I hadn't known in many moons...


Talk about low ceilings!

This man really loved the Tragically Hip, we chatted in the road for a long time. He made the weird leathery thing you'll see if you keep scrolling! It's his art, he says. 

vacant house. a bunch of these. 

This was a special spot. Just in front of the house we stayed in. This felt like a very special moment, though the photograph itself isn't particularly thrilling. 

This is a Woodrat nest! It's massive, maybe 5' in diameter. Woodrats collect the crazy spiny pieces of Cholla cacti that fly around- among lots of other debris (they're also known as packrats) and are totally immune to their quills. These nests are sometimes as old as 10, 000 years old or some crazy thing. When one family dies or vacates, another one takes over the empty nest. Cool.

Last photo of the Cholla garden in the park. We crossed the boundary of high to low desert to get here for sunset. The light was totally surreal.

and here we are, back to the beach. This is the ocean in Santa Monica.

Airin Mcguinty folks, wonder woman, master of snacks. I remembered today when we ran into one another (but not literally because she was driving and I was cycling) how many hilarious and weird things we found we had in common on this trip. What a time! What a time...

To end this journey I'll show you this place which I covertly photographed with the waist-level focus of my Yashica T4 which focuses with a mind all its own. It's the top-most level of the Museum of Jurassic Technology. This place and Joshua Tree remain the most tranquil and magical places I've been this in a really long time. 

Thanks everyone! It's been nice to share. You'll be able to find prints and other iterations of these images in coming months.



Oh hey, you're back, cool.  I still think about Joshua Tree every day. There's some Malibu and L.A photos down at the bottom, but I'm saving some for another post. Just for you!

a one, a two, a one two three four...

similar, but different


Ah yes, and here is the short story of Eunice and the Ocean:

the end. but not really.



OK, that's all for now. One more installation of caliphotos for you in due time my pals, in due time.

Thanks for lewking!